The Wisdom in Your Notes

You know, I was just thinking sometimes ago while making a note of something; “how often do I refer to these notes, especially when they are not work- related? Even when I refer to them, do I take time to really study and use them?”

Except you were joking while making those notes, I bet some of them are quite important.

The truth is, there’s a lot you can learn from your old notes:

Those meaningless diagrams you drew during that meeting could remind you of how boring the meeting was but also remind you of the key message that triggered a thought that turned you into a temporary artist or even architect sometimes.

You may even find those raw ideas and actions plans you were inspired to jot down on how to take your life to the next level you never executed.

If you are the spiritual type, I’m sure you’ll have divine inspirations in there that you’ve never shared with anyone or did anything about.

I know some of those notes especially the very old ones can make you feel stupid but don’t you at least get to laugh at how naive you were and thankful for how far you’ve grown?

I think you should flip through your old notes from time to time, the wisdom you seek might just be right there! – Harry Akinola

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