See Beyond Christmas & New Year Celebrations


Proverbs 21:17(NIV)
Whoever loves pleasure will become poor; whoever loves wine and olive oil will never be rich.

“A 2011 survey by M&S Money has suggested a large number of consumers will not keep within their means when it comes to festive spending. Its recent poll discovered four out of ten consumers have not made a budget for their Christmas outlay, while of those who have, 46 per cent expect to fail to stick to it.” –

Just like everyone, I love to enjoy festive seasons, especially Christmas. I was at my church’s carol service on Sunday and that formally kicked off the season for me. What’s funny is how people work from January, saved up a lot, only to expend all in one week – during Christmas.

Remember your responsibility goes beyond Christmas, enjoy yourself, share with others but remember the new year’s responsibilities.

Make a realistic budget for the season and stick to it. Be careful, avoid financial pressures and new year borrowing. Don’t spend all, save some.

Have a nice day – HA

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