i think you should Ask!

i think you should Ask!

The concept of asking is premised on the facts that you are helpless (either at the time in question or ever) and the person to whom you direct your request is able to help. Without prejudice to our ego and self-confidence, we sometimes do not have what we need because we are:
• Too fearful to ask
• Too proud to ask
• Don’t know exactly what to ask for
• Asking from the wrong person
• Asking at the wrong time
• Asking in the wrong way

Asking seems to be a great skill that requires nerve to practice! Parents ask their children, business people their clients, children their parents. There’s even self-asking; when you need to ask yourself to take certain steps in life. I think this skill can be developed and used constructively to transform our lives.

Just maybe you don’t have …because you’ve not asked well enough.

My own ask to you is to: Give yourself permission to ask for the right question/help from the right person in the right way at the right time. – HA #ithink

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