My Crush on …Linda Ikeji


This is my true confession, I had a crush on…Linda Ikeji the blogger (face covered). Please don’t tell my wife if she hasn’t already seen this.

Wait o! Don’t crucify me yet, you’ll get your opportunity to do so later, that’s if you really want to. I mean she’s pretty; was a model, not an issue if she was a failed model or not; she’s a blogger, a professional ‘Gossip’ blogger at that.

I think the crush went to level eight point two three out of ten when I saw a picture of herself and Professor Pat Utomi in front of the White House and and another one they took in the office of a US state Governor (think it’s Kansas). Gossip taking her places you’ll say.

I know she’s got a lot of fans and a lot of people who do not really like her. She’s received a lot of insults lately, all because she’s a ‘Gossip’ otherwise known biblically as a ‘Tale Bearer’. Interestingly, her fans like her for the same reason some hate her and that’s the same reason why she has become famous and ‘enriched’ – Gossip.

So this is my analytical self finding expression: if talents make people great and famous, and gossip has done the same to Linda Ikeji, is ‘gossip’ then her talent? Can gossip be a talent? Let me know if you have any answer(s) to these questions?

Anyways, this is the basis of my ‘crush’ on Linda; she reaches out and add values to thousands if not millions through her talent. With the availability of many internet browsing gadgets, if you want to authenticate a gossip you’ve just heard in and around Nigeria, you google it and once you see it under Linda Ikeji’s blog or her sister in the ministry, Bella’s, you’ll almost immediately post it through the social media.

So Linda has discovered one of her talents, shebi?. As negative as gossip sounds she’s adding some value with it. Maybe not 100% yet but she’s doing something valuable and profitable with it. You might say she has other hidden talents, I’ll agree with you but the most conspicuous one right now is ‘gossip’. The question is, what is your talent? Have you refined it? Are you adding values to others with it? When last did you add value with your talent?

Linda can gossip, Tonto Dikeh is pretty (*wink* – my wife is prettier), Genevieve can act like she was born on set, Tuface is creative and sings well (I know you also think he’s multi-talented), MI raps like he gets lyrics directly from heaven , Lil Wayne sounds like a frog (my opinion) , Mannie (Coolfm) is Eweleable , Omotola and Jim Iyke now have heir own reality shows, and I wrote this piece (big grin).

Now, I know you have rights to your own opinion but don’t criticize me, don’t criticize Linda, the people I’ve mentioned above or anyone using his or her talent except ‘criticism’ is your talent. Discover, Develop and Deploy your talents for the benefit of mankind, again I say for the benefit of mankind. Harry Akinola

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